No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake

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No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake is a delicious, easy-to-make dessert that combines the creamy texture of mousse with the crunch of cookies, perfect for any occasion. This decadent treat is loved by all age groups and can be prepared in just a few simple steps.

The combination of rich flavors and the smooth, velvety mousse make it a real crowd-pleaser. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply craving a sweet indulgence, this Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake is sure to impress. With its straightforward recipe and irresistible taste, this dessert is a must-try for any baking enthusiast.

Get ready to delight your taste buds with this heavenly creation that will leave everyone asking for more.

No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake



No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake is a heavenly dessert that combines the classic flavors of Oreo cookies and cream into a rich and indulgent mousse cake. This delectable treat requires a handful of simple ingredients that come together to create a dessert that will impress your friends and family.

Oreo Cookies

Oreo cookies are the star ingredient in this delightful mousse cake. The rich, chocolatey biscuits provide the perfect base for the creamy layers of mousse. Crushed Oreo cookies are mixed with butter to create a delicious crust that adds a delightful crunch to each bite.

Cream Cheese

Cream cheese adds a tangy and creamy element to the mousse cake. This velvety ingredient not only enhances the texture of the dessert but also balances out the sweetness of the other ingredients. Make sure to use cream cheese at room temperature for easy blending.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream is an essential ingredient in creating the light and airy mousse texture of the cake. Be sure to use heavy cream and whip it until stiff peaks form for maximum fluffiness. The whipped cream adds a touch of luxury to the dessert and makes it incredibly smooth and creamy.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk provides a rich and sweet flavor to the mousse cake. This thick and creamy ingredient adds a lusciousness to the dessert that perfectly complements the other components. It also helps to bind the ingredients together and gives the mousse cake a velvety consistency.

Vanilla Extract

Just a hint of vanilla extract enhances the flavor of the mousse cake and adds a delightful aroma. This simple ingredient rounds out the sweetness and brings a depth of flavor to the dessert.


Butter is used to bind the crushed Oreo cookies together to create the crust for the mousse cake. It adds a richness and helps to hold the crust together so that it doesn’t crumble. Make sure the butter is melted and mixed well with the crushed cookies for a perfect crust.

No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake



Preparation is key when it comes to creating a delectable No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake. This indulgent dessert requires careful attention to detail as you craft each layer to ensure a flawless final result. Follow these simple steps to prepare the different components of this mouthwatering treat.

Crushing The Oreo Cookies

Begin by placing the Oreo cookies in a resealable plastic bag, ensuring it is securely closed. Use a rolling pin or mallet to crush the cookies into fine crumbs. This step is essential to achieving the perfect cookie crust texture. Transfer the crushed cookies to a bowl and set them aside for later use.

Preparing The Cookie Crust

  • For the cookie crust, combine the Oreo cookie crumbs with melted butter in a mixing bowl, ensuring all the crumbs are evenly coated.
  • Press the mixture firmly into the bottom of a springform pan, creating a smooth and compact crust. Use the back of a spoon or a flat-bottomed glass to achieve an even layer.

Making The Mousse Filling

  1. In a separate bowl, whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks form. This step is crucial in creating a light and airy mousse texture.
  2. Gently fold in the crushed Oreo cookies, ensuring they are evenly distributed throughout the mousse.
  3. Once combined, pour the mousse filling over the prepared cookie crust, using a spatula to smooth the top for a polished finish.

Assembling The Cake

Place the assembled cake in the refrigerator, allowing it to chill for at least 4 hours, or preferably overnight. This step is essential to set the mousse and ensure the cake holds its shape when sliced.

Chilling The Cake

Chill the assembled cake in the refrigerator, allowing it to set for at least 4 hours, or ideally overnight. This crucial step ensures that the mousse firms up, resulting in a perfectly sliceable and decadent dessert.


Addition Of Chocolate Ganache

For an extra indulgent twist, you can pour a layer of rich chocolate ganache over the top of the cookies and cream mousse cake. The smooth, velvety texture of the ganache pairs perfectly with the light, airy mousse, creating a decadent treat that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Incorporating Cookie Chunks

To add a delightful crunch and extra cookie flavor, consider incorporating cookie chunks into the mousse itself. Simply fold in some crushed Oreo cookies or your favorite chocolate sandwich cookies into the mousse mixture before setting it in the refrigerator. This adds a delightful textural element to the cake, giving each bite a satisfying contrast between the creamy mousse and the crunchy cookies.

Top With Whipped Cream And Oreo Crumbs

For a visually appealing and delectable touch, top the cake with whipped cream and Oreo crumbs. The fluffy whipped cream adds a light, airy finish to the cake, while the Oreo crumbs provide a burst of chocolatey goodness in every bite. This simple yet effective garnish elevates the presentation and taste of the cake, making it a show-stopping dessert option for any occasion.

No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake


Presentation And Serving

Indulge in the delectable no-bake Cookies and Cream Mousse Cake, a heavenly treat that requires no oven. This dessert is an elegant presentation and perfect for any occasion.

Garnishing Options

When it comes to presentation, garnishing is key to elevating the look of your No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake. Here are some garnishing options that you can play around with to add a touch of elegance and creativity to your dessert: 1. Whipped cream: Top your cake with a generous swirl of freshly whipped cream. It not only adds a creamy texture but also enhances the visual appeal. 2. Oreo crumbs: Crush some Oreo cookies and sprinkle the crumbs over the cake. The contrast between the dark crumbs and the light mousse creates a beautiful color combination. 3. Chocolate shavings: Use a vegetable peeler or a grater to create delicate chocolate shavings. Sprinkle them over the cake to add a touch of sophistication. 4. Cookie crumbs: For an extra layer of crunch, crush some Oreo cookies and sprinkle the larger crumbs around the sides of the cake. It creates a deliciously crunchy texture.

Serving Suggestions

Now that your No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake looks absolutely stunning, it’s time to think about how to serve it to your delighted guests. Here are some serving suggestions that will impress everyone at the table: 1. Individual servings: Cut the cake into individual slices and serve them on dessert plates or in fancy glassware. By presenting each portion separately, you can showcase the layers and textures of the cake. 2. Cake platter: If you’re serving a larger group, place the whole cake on a beautiful cake platter. Let everyone admire the artistry of the dessert before you slice and serve it. 3. Garnish with fresh berries: Add a pop of color and a burst of freshness by topping each slice with a few fresh berries like strawberries or raspberries. Not only does it make the cake look more appetizing, but it also adds a delicious fruity flavor. 4. Dust with powdered sugar: Just before serving, sprinkle a light dusting of powdered sugar over the cake. It creates a delicate, bakery-like finishing touch that will impress your guests. Remember, the presentation and serving of your No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake can make all the difference in elevating the overall dining experience. So, have fun experimenting with different garnishing options and serving suggestions to create a dessert that not only tastes amazing but also looks like a work of art!

Frequently Asked Questions For No Bake Cookies And Cream Mousse Cake

What Is Cookies And Cream Mousse Made Of?

Cookies and cream mousse is typically made with a combination of cookies, cream, and other ingredients to create a smooth, creamy dessert. It is a delicious treat enjoyed by many.

Why Is My Chocolate Mousse Not Fluffy?

Your chocolate mousse may not be fluffy due to overmixing, using low-fat ingredients, or not properly folding in whipped cream. Additionally, not chilling the mousse for long enough can also affect its fluffiness.

How To Make Mousse Cake Without Springform Pan?

To make mousse cake without a springform pan, use a regular cake pan lined with parchment paper. Once the mousse sets, use a knife to release the edges before removing the cake from the pan. This method allows for easy removal and presentation of the mousse cake.

How Many Calories Are In An Oreo Mousse Cake?

One serving of Oreo mousse cake contains approximately 350-400 calories.


To sum up, this no-bake cookies and cream mousse cake is a delightful treat that will satisfy your sweet cravings. It boasts a harmonious blend of fluffy mousse and crunchy cookies, creating a mouthwatering symphony of flavors. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced baker, this recipe is easy to follow and guarantees a delicious result.

So, go ahead and indulge in this irresistible dessert that will leave you wanting more.

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